Everything needed from an event app.

Interactive event mobile application

A mobile application platform that you can change content instantly.

Users do not need to restart the application for other languages.

With push message feature, event planners will be able to be in touch with users in ease.

Thanks to interactive modules, phones and tablets turn into:

Q&A platform,
survery system.

Misterya contains extra 45 modules.

Meet Misterya!
Easily adapting to rapid changes, Misteria is a productive mobile application where event participants will enjoy using it.

Works problem-free for all smart phones and platforms.

Make instant changes on one link for all platforms.

For tablets and phone, for Android and iOS… Edits for each will waste your time only.

Waiting for days for changes is against the spirit of the event industry.

Make all your edits from one admin screen and see results instantly. Accelerate your events with Misterya.


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